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Thun - owl charm in love | rohome

Thun - owl charm in love | rohome

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Owl in Love Beads THUN by TROLLBEADS® - Luck is in the heart

People are made up of stories and ties to be treasured and to be expressed with a personalized and one of a kind gift.

This is how, from the union between THUN and Trollbeads®, creations in silver and high quality glass are born, to be composed to give emotion to each story.

The skilled hands of Trollbeads® artisans and designers give life to precious jewels that contain all the magic of the unmistakable THUN style.

Each THUN by TROLLBEADS creation is a unique piece, handmade by master goldsmiths and glassmakers.

Therefore the articles may present variations compared to the image visible online.

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for cleaning, we recommend immersing the product in warm water with neutral soap or dishwashing detergent. Leave it to soak for a few minutes, dab it with a soft cloth. Products and solvents for cleaning silver (chemicals) and thermal waters will irreparably damage the products, invalidating the guarantee

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