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Organic citrus essential oil | rohome

Organic citrus essential oil | rohome

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Finally a restful, calm and restful sleep thanks to the synergy of essential oils Calm Night Oils

biological essentials, to sleep well.

The essential oils present in this blend of oils are specially selected to bring you relaxation and well-being.

The synergy of the calm night essential oils is 100% ORGANIC.

Composed of essential oils of ORGANIC lemon

A reassuring fragrance

The synergy of the essential oils of the calm night will spread a soft, sweet and comforting fragrance, ideal for peace of mind and body.

You can use an essential oil diffuser to take advantage of the relaxing effects of this blend or put a few drops in a bowl of very hot water.

Product specifications

Dimensions: D. 2.3 x H. 7 cm
Bottle material: glass
Cap material: polypropylene
Liquid material: Essential oils
Box material: cardboard
Perfumes: ORGANIC Lemon
Content: 10 ml

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