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Bougainvillea plant | rohome

Bougainvillea plant | rohome

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Bring a wonderful touch of cheer into your home by welcoming this artificial bougainvillea.

As beautiful as a real one, it will give you full satisfaction.

The beauty of an artificial bougainvillea that blooms all year round.

Bougnavilles originate from hot countries and therefore a great need for sunlight. This instead can be placed anywhere even in a dark space where it will bring all its light.

Windowless bathrooms will be happy that they can finally be flourished.

Product specifications

Dimensions: L. 77 x D. 39 x H. 87 cm
Vase: D. 14.5 x H. 12.4 cm
Flowers + leaves material: polyester
Stem + pot material: polyethylene
Inner shaft material: iron
Pot Inner Material: EVA Foam, Cement, Styrofoam

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