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Thun - oliver gnome on rainbow | rohome

Thun - oliver gnome on rainbow | rohome

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Gnome Oliver on rainbow in Bosco Magico ceramic

The air becomes crisper and the elements of nature come together between plays of light and mysterious settings waiting to be discovered: the colors become softer as the days get shorter. Fantastic characters such as fairies, gnomes and little animals dressed as ballerinas populate the magical forest under the protective wing of the fairy queen Shaila from THUN. Discover the Oliver gnome and the entire collection, perfect for giving as gifts and recreating a magical corner in your home.

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7.1 x 5.3 x9.5 cm h

Product Care:

Use only a soft dry cloth for cleaning. Avoid contact with liquids or aggressive products. Avoid contact with water. Remember that ceramic is fragile and must be treated with care. Not suitable for contact with food.

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