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Thun - 100ml tobacco night diffuser | rohome

Thun - 100ml tobacco night diffuser | rohome

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Tobacco Night THUN Fragrances diffuser, small

The Leyla butterfly, THUN icon and symbol of femininity and lightness, accompanies us into a world of unique emotions, to discover new magical and secret places. The new Tea Afternoon fragrance by THUN is perfect for those who love comfortable atmospheres and the pleasure of small things, such as the memory of a freshly baked cake or a moment for yourself accompanied by a cup of tea and a soft blanket. The new fragrance is strong thanks to the top notes with a touch of rum, Intense thanks to the blend of tobacco and violet and finally character thanks to the woody notes of sandalwood and cedar. Discover the entire collection for a perfect gift and to decorate your home.

Glass bottle, Essence: see label on the package, Rattan wooden sticks

Product Care:

Keep out of reach of children and animals, Clean with a soft, dry cloth, The perfumed essence contained in the diffuser could ruin surfaces and stain fabrics if accidentally spilled, pay maximum attention when filling or moving it

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