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What they are and where to place your home fragrances.

What they are and where to place your home fragrances.

The room diffuser plays a fundamental role in our home and on ourselves.

We usually resort to perfumers when there is the need to cover unpleasant odors, but this is not the case.

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When you furnish your home you have to pay attention to many details and even the room diffuser can furnish and define your rooms

We can use room fragrances for many purposes.

Home fragrances play a decisive role in bringing the most important memories we have back to life.

Studies show that smell and memory are closely linked which is why a perfume affects us so much.

In our mind, a smell is always associated with something, an event that we have experienced firsthand.

Without realizing it, it binds us to something that we have kept within us and that maybe we want to relive and bring right between the rooms of the house.

Surrounding yourself with smells that remind you of a happy moment can be all it takes to make you feel good and put you in a good mood.

As you can see, a perfume not only removes a bad smell, but also acts on your mood and improves your day, as well as the atmosphere of your home.

Home fragrances are accessories that are becoming indispensable when it comes to furnishing and defining the home.

As mentioned earlier, many of us have always used them only to cover up any bad smells, but this is absolutely not the case, we can and are used in totally different ways.

We have seen that the right perfume can evoke memories and sensations capable of making us feel better immediately, and there are also essences that act on our mind and body, allowing us to relax and ease small daily anxieties.

However, an air freshener for environments can also make us live a multisensory experience and help us finally grant us a moment of relaxation.

Reed diffusers: what they are and how to use them

Reed diffusers are chosen for many reasons. First of all they are practical and functional, they allow a fragrance of the environment or of the room that is constant over time and also have an elegant aesthetic because they are presented in designer glass bottles.

These products are very easy to use.

Our advice is to place the fragrance in a central area of ​​the room, a truly strategic place for an optimal fragrance, preferably away from heat sources or in any case from direct sun to avoid evaporating quickly.

Place them not too low and not too high, their ideal location is that of 140cm 150cm from the ground.

The first time you use a new diffuser, we recommend that you turn the rattan sticks after a stay of 30 minutes so that they become impregnated with the essence of the perfumer… afterwards you can turn them even once a day.

NB . The sticks must be turned otherwise there is a risk that the scent does not perform at its best and that the rattan sticks become clogged.

These products are suitable for all those looking for a natural and constant balance in a fragrance to give the home an always homogeneous and delicate scent.

Always remember that the scent remains persistent until the product wets the rattan sticks.

Once the fragrance runs out, you can very well choose to always use the same one, or buy a different refill or diffuser. Remember that if you have to change the fragrance you must also replace the rattan sticks and carefully clean the fragrance holder so as not to mix the two perfumes.

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